Program outline

Below is our timetable for ICOMP12.

Click here to download a more detailed program.

Sunday, July 3
16:00-17:30  Registration
18:00  Welcome reception

Monday, July 4 Tuesday, July 5 Wednesday, July 6
9:00  Opening remarks
9:30  Session 1
  T. Ishikawa
E. Takahashi
J. Ullrich
K. Ueda

Y. Jiang
13:30  Session 2
  R. Li
M. Murnane & H. Kapteyn

Y. Liu
J.L. Hansen
15:30  Session 3
  J.P. Marangos
P. Riviere
Z. Diveki
M. Kling
9:00  Session 4
  H. Merdji
P. Baum

R. Kanya
A. Mysyrowicz
H. Misawa

P. Hommelhoff
13:30  Session 5
  H. Kono
A. Bandrauk

R. Doerner
A. Matsuda
S. Roither
15:30  Poster Session
19:00  Dinner at the Sapporo Biergarten
9:20  Session 6
(= Session A in ATTO3)
  D. Bauer [ATTO]
L.B. Madsen [ATTO]
D. Shafir
J. Burgdorfer
Y. Furukawa
C. Muller
12:30  Free discussion
*This last day of ICOMP12 overlaps with the first day of ATTO3.
Invited speakers are listed in blue.
[ATTO] marks speakers selected for ATTO3.
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